Firewall for Small Business Solutions
Available as software or hardware (and software components), firewall solution for small businesses. Software firewall protection they are installed in each individual PC. However, in order to protect all the computers of the company, each one must install a software firewall. That can get expensive and difficult to maintain.

On the other hand, for small businesses hardware-based firewall solution to protect all the computers on the network. Hardware-based firewalls are easier to manage.

Ideal for the small company firewall solution integrated hardware firewall and software control into a comprehensive security solution, including support for virtual private network (VPN), and anti-virus, anti-spam, anti-spyware and content filtering.

Firewall for Small Business Solutions: Benefits

Firewall solution for small businesses, providing comprehensive integrated security devices, provides many benefits. Among them are:

Support changing business needs. The best firewall solution for small businesses that allows you to safely deploy new applications. They provide a wide range of applications, including e-mail advanced application-layer security, IP voice (VoIP), video, and multimedia programs.
Controlled access to corporate resources. The most effective solution for small business firewall to prevent unauthorized access to applications or information assets.
Improve employee productivity. By preventing unauthorized access by hackers, the firewall helps to prevent employee productivity or valuable corporate data is lost.
Improve business resilience. The best firewall to prevent business-critical applications, and service interruptions due to security vulnerabilities.

Virtual Private Network VPN – your private tunnel

EEIO can help you with today’s popular network technologies – virtual private network (VPN), create your flow of information specific to the tunnel in the Internet, so as to effectively ensure the privacy and security of data transmission time.
VPN suitable for:
  • More than one office or chain-type customer
  • Customers often need to connect to the home office
  • Meetings often go abroad or mobility customers
   VPN attract large industrial and commercial customers of the advantages:
  •  Can effectively and quickly connect multiple office, home and mobile workers
  •  You can always change the security level services to meet different application requirements