Server Maintenance Services

Server maintenance services

Providing server (IBM, HP, DELL, etc.) repair and maintenance upgrades and technical services.

Server hardware maintenance services
• IBM, DELL, HP server installation (Windows), and after-sale maintenance, and the judgment of a server failure points.
• Data Recovery (RAID lost, back).
• Windows server installation
• Provide for the customer's server to do the inspection, for there will be a server issue as to predict the future!
• the analysis of system errors, carry spare parts timely on-site maintenance, replacement;
• Implement regular preventive maintenance of equipment;
• provide equipment maintenance, maintenance records and reports;

Server System Software Maintenance Service
• Provides system maintenance, technical support and security settings to adjust other aspects;
• Implement distribution, installation and testing of system enhancements and patches;
• the implementation of the system software to run regular preventive maintenance and inspection;
• Provide system optimization and performance tuning;

Customized system optimization, integration, management and maintenance services programs
Server optimization proper that we provide numerous solutions to help you more efficient, more stable use of server services, including dynamic partitioning, high availability software implementation, management of many nodes, dynamic load management realization.

Storage consolidation ︰ let's us to help you be more cost-effective use of storage resources, improve storage utilization, including integration between different storage structure, data migration services, SAN implementation, implementation GPFS like.

Storage management ︰ make your data more secure, including effective backup and data recovery, evaluate, control and predict your storage needs.

System-related maintenance ︰ for your system stable and secure operation to provide technical support, such as on-site technical support services, administrators outsourcing, on-site support, hardware relocation services, high availability protection.